Though most publications are in German, on a few occasions English was more in demand:

Pakistan Papers 06: Fighting Terrorism with Tourism.

Fighting Terrorism with Tourism? Pakistan is Dreaming without Acting. An Analysis. (=Pakistan Papers 06). Islamabad, 2015.





Some topics are not related to Islam or Islamic worlds. However, due to certain situations in my profession some written thoughts were required in order to help others. That’s what you can find here.

Cover of ToM Raiders' Treasure Chest.ToM Raiders’ Treasure Chest. A Handbook for Workshop Moderation. Islamabad, 2013.

ISBN 978-969-6290-07-0

with illustrations by Akhter Shah.



Successful Applications.Successful Applications. Islamabad, 2013.
with illustrations by Sanabil Hussain.

ISBN 978-969-6290-09-4

E-Book available for free in the iTunes Store.