more impressions you will get in ok- gallery.


Photography – Imaging with passion

Photography – That’s imaging with passion. Though you find in the gallery (especially flickr below) mainly travel and workshop photos there are still other topics I am interested in. However, as they are more private by nature – and need the agreement of the depicted person – I bastion from displaying a full portfolio.

The photos above been taken with all sorts of cameras – from iPhone, various Nikons, Hasselblad up to Linhof large format camera. I hope to proof once more that the man behind the gun who counts.

OK Photography - here with Nikon V1

OK with Nikon V1

Currently, due to my main job I can’t take any engagements. But perhaps I have already taken what you are looking for? Please check at fotolia or flickr.


Photography Workshops

and workshop photography I used to do a lot. But the same holds true like mentioned above: Despite my love and passion I won’t be able do it due my main profession. As soon as an occasion is given I won’t hesitate to come back it again.

Some Pakistani TV viewers might still watch my course „The Art of Photography“ on the private channel Lights Asia. As I heard it’s constantly repeated via satellite from Dubai.

OK Photography in TV: 'The Art of Photography' was my TV show in a Pakistani channel.

OK Photography in TV: ‘The Art of Photography’ was my TV show in a Pakistani channel.

However, you can get tips and tricks for workshop photography on my site An e-book on workshop photography is about to come out soon. I am open to wishes and requests, which still can find its way into the book.


Photography for use

If you would like to use my photos then please have a look at Fotolia. Other than my flickr photos they of course don’t contain any watermark and are available in high resolution and a pretty decent price.

Creative Commons

Free photos – i.e. with creative commons license – can be found on Flickr with Creative Commons licence BY-NC 2.0. Please use them along with the copyright remark: Olaf Kellerhoff (CC BY-NC 2.0).

Link to my creative commons licensed photos on