by Olaf Kellerhoff

Olaf Kellerhoff mechanical typewriter

The first time I published was in the school newspaper during high school. This was followed by five years as a freelance of a local newspaper, before I got involved in public relations for the paratroopers. The first years still with mechanical typewriter (see above as young soldier), whereas as head of our Abitur newspaper we already used desktop publishing. Here is an excerpt of the last years – mainly as a staff member of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. 

Currently I blog at 3C – Coaching about Creating – Consulting – Coaching as well as at about Workshop Facilitation. 

My German publications – more in numbers –are presented at


222 Ideas. A collection of Best Practices. Potsdam, 2015.  

ToM Raiders’ Treasure Chest. A Handbook for Workshop Moderation. Islamabad, 2013.

Successful Applications. (The EFN Business Leader; 1). Islamabad, 2012.

Vom Westen geborgt. Transformation des Islamischen Transitionsstaates Afghanistan. Master Thesis. Hamburg, 2005.


Pakistan Papers 06: Fighting Terrorism with Tourism.
  • Fighting Terrorism with Tourism? (Pakistan is dreaming without acting – an Analysis. Islamabad, 2013. 
  • Sharia strives for Emancipation. In: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) [Ed.]: Annual Report 2016. p. 26f.

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